Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Coupla Narcissistic Bloggers Sitting Around Talking About Empathy

Yesterday was another episode of the BlogTalkRadio show that I host along with Big Daddy.  The topic was empathy or the seeming lack thereof in our kids.

As the show progressed it became more and more obvious that we were perhaps the two least equipped people on the face of the earth to have such a discussion.

For those of you who missed out on the show live, you can listen to the recording just by clicking on the blue BlogTalkRadio player in my sidebar over there on the right ==> and below all the BlogHer junk.

Here are just some of the questions that you will be able to answer after you listen in on the show...or if you've already listened, think of it as a pop quiz to see how much you actually absorbed while you were eating lunch/making dinner/watching something else on TV/cleaning up poop/ignoring your kids/all of the above:

  • What is Big Daddy's actual first name?  Or at least the first syllable of it?  Cuz he pretty much spills it about 8 seconds into the show.
  • Under what circumstances, if any, is it appropriate to refer to another person as "it"? 
  • Is Big Daddy at all interested in anything that goes on in the lives of others ever?  *Hint/Spoiler Alert*  No.
  • Are baby gators being eaten alive tragic or hysterically funny?
  • How many pounds would a 270 lb man lose if he vomited for 3 days straight?
  • Which lower body appendage does Big Daddy rarely see, as pointed out by his cardiologist?  Extra Credit:  Does Big Daddy qualify as morbidly obese or just plain old obese?
  • Which awesome bloggers/Tweeps did we name drop and tell their hilarious empathy stories?  You will have to listen to find out!
Choking people that cough, wishing their dogs dead so that they can get a smaller one, wanting Mommy to get better so that she can get back to waiting on them hand and any other awesome stories about your kid's power of empathy?  Let's hear 'em!


  1. You guys are the best! I'll give this a listen when my kids are fully pacified by "Sesame Street," and quiet for more than two minutes.

  2. It did a great job with this recap.

  3. I have a few good and bad examples...
    Screaming at the baby when he cries because he doesn't like the noise but really only making the little guy cry harder! Swatting my hand away when I try and help him with something he's playing with (usually the iPad)
    Lately he has been seeing someone yawn and he says "You tired?", which is kind of funny actually. Oh and whenever someone falls down he always asks "Are you ok?" really loud. For a long time he would even say this to himself when he fell and then he would say "I'm ok!!"

  4. Empathy is a constant conversation in our house with our 9yo. My favorite is when he is mean or hits his brother, and then is surprised when his brother does it back. Then I have to repeat like a broken record, "You did it to him, what did you expect would be his reaction? How did you think he would feel?"

  5. you wandered a bit off-topic. Aren't we all used to that in our own lives? LOL

  6. Remember you asked for it. ;)
    Turning up the volume on How It's Made because I was running the vacuum.
    Looking at his sister for the first time and stating, "Return it. I did NOT order THAT."
    Clasping hands over ears and saying, "LaLaLa, I can't hear you." when they were screaming. OK, that was me--not one of my prouder moments...
    And punching his sister so she could see her punch hurt worse.

  7. There's something about your voices that just conveys light-heartedness and laughter whatever the words are! Eating disorders, smelly burps, vomiting - great audience hooks for uh- empathy. ;)

    The show was very interesting and left me with more questions about what our kids are really thinking when situations come up that involve empathy - whether it is a question of self or understanding of how another person feels. You guys are both ROCK STARS for providing such an entertaining way to open discussion and provide support to the rest of us. Thanks so much for sharing this show with us all - I look forward to it every time!

  8. Does this count as empathy? Ryan sees another kid crack his head at the playground. He announces loudly, and to no one in particular, "Man, that's GOTTA hurt" and walks away.

  9. Child 2 was extremely confused about why there was a dog dressed up like the dog he was walking. I didn't know what to tell him

  10. I never get a chance to listen to the dang show.

    Not sure what the wishing one's dog dead is all about. But you can't be talking about me, cause I wish mine dead so I never have to have a dog ever again. Ever.

    Will try to listen at some point. Wanna babysit so as to make that happen?

  11. Dear Lynn,

    Long time listener, first time caller. Actually, I'm new to your blog. As of today. But, I've been reading it much of the evening. And, if I am able to do anything for more than fifteen minutes consecutively, I'm totally counting that in the "long time" category.

    I hope you don't mind. I was walking by and the door was open, so I just let myself in. I'm so enjoying/relating to your stories and WTF show! You make me laugh - I love it! Thank you!


  12. I missed listening. It sounded great though!

    To help my daughter develop empathy, the great Lynn Koegel demonstrated walking into things and yelling, "Ow!" She kept doing this, then showed my daughter she should ask, "Are you okay?" Over time, my daughter just asked automatically. I practiced this technique at home to maintain it! Now, my daughter has pretty good empathy! Which is good, because I got pretty black and blue over time. This would actually make a good post on my blog. I'll have to remember it!

  13. Wow...those are some great empathy stories...thanks!

    @Kara: Long-time-first-time...ha! Come right on happy to see you!

  14. you guys are THE BEST
    Must go listen to the radio show when I have a better internet connection