Monday, April 25, 2011

7th Heaven: The Party Post

It's been almost a week since Audrey's 7th birthday party, and I'm just getting around to posting about it.  Mostly because posting pictures on Blogger is so un-user-friendly that I dread it and am usually twitching by the time I'm done.

Audrey had an awesome party.  Her major gift was a Nintento DSi from her grandparents, and she also got a ton of games for it from others.  But these were not her favorite gifts.  When I ask her what her favorite gifts were, she says:

  1. Swim goggles
  2. A bottle of Vitamin Water - from Raven who always brings a bottle with her to her sessions, so much so that Audrey has become obsessed.
  3. A York peppermint patty - also from Raven who clearly knows the way to Audrey's heart.

Here is the rapturous response that welcomed the swim goggles, and more pics from her special day...

Giving me attitude because she didn't
want to wear that outfit. I'm behind the
camera not caring cuz she looks awesome.
Totally missed out on an opportunity
to beat the snot out of Sweetie Belle
by getting a pull-string pinata.

The cake dance
Oh cake, how I love thee.

Nailed it!
Just because he's 2 does not mean
that I'm not going to mock his effort

I suppose I should teach
her how to swim now.

Audrey futilely attempts to keep up
with Grace Anne's posing abilities.

We'll be keeping the festive spirit alive tomorrow on Autism WTF at 12:00pm ET when our topic will be all things party-related.  Join us!


  1. I love her because she adorable and also because she loves peppermint patties. who doesn't? love the last 2 pictures...the leg cross is the epitome of ladylike with goggles.

  2. Great pictures. I'm glad you had fun mocking a 2 year old.

  3. Aw, glad she had fun!!! Thankfully Katie never gives a crap what I dress her in. The boy, however....

    And she totally needs to swim!!! Katie loves it.

    And, um, why is youtube suggesting porn-like video after watching yours? Really? Those are similar? Youtube FAIL.

  4. Wow. I just typed the funniest and most thoughtful comment ever and your blog just ate. Error 503 my ass.

    What I said was, I cannot believe you made her wear something against her will on her birthday. My mom used to do that right up until my 37th. I turned out just fine, tho.

    I am sure this outfit will not leave the same emotional and physical scars on Audreythat the wool, plaid knickers and suspenders set I was crammed into for my 7th birthday had on me.

    Did I mention that I turned out pretty much okay?

  5. Just because it has pull strings doesn't mean you can't beat it to death with a bat. It's the best part of parties. :)

    Happy (late) birthday, Audrey!

  6. It's so funny what kids pick out as their favorite gifts. We don't need to spend $$$$$; just give them Vitamin Water.

    BTW, those goggles are the perfect accessory for that outfit.

  7. Peppermint Patty? I thought that was just a Peanuts character. Is it a real thing? I've got to go and Google that now. Curse this cultural divide...

  8. @bbsmum: They're from York for God's sake!

  9. Nice of you to let the kids pin the tale on a picture of you. Snap!

  10. Most gorgeous outfit ever!! She looks so grown up with her goggles! What an elaborate My Little Pony cake -what is that on the right a pony palace?!
    Enjoy the mint and vitamin water while it lasts. Soon she'll want some Jimmy Choos and a new car... oh -wait. That's just me.

  11. I think she's got Grace beat w/ the posing -- check out those crossed legs! Very lady in waiting! Or princess in training, Minnie to be, whatever works. :) She's gorgeous, as usual!

  12. So cute. She's all, "It IS goggles", as if to say, "I told yuz it would be."

  13. I love the outfit. And the goggles are a nice touch. :)

  14. Great pictures, glad Audrey had a fun party. I would also be very happy with a Peppermint Patty as a gift. Love the cake too. I know you made it yourself!

  15. She looks so adorable! I'm glad all went well. :-) While my daughter is not on the spectrum, she has a lot of sensory issues - esp related to clothes...she actually likes to wear dresses b/c they are loose fitting. The problem though here in the winter is the darn tights!! Thank goodness it should be nice enough soon that she won't have to wear them! Life will get easier!

    April is Autism Awareness Month. I'm dedicating my blog all month long to Autism.

  16. What a cutie! Looks like she had a great day. :-)

  17. Audrey is so adorable! It looks like she had a blast at her party! I loved her favorite gifts!

  18. Hey Jen, I was a bit disturbed about the number of saucy bosom videos advertised too! My husband has offered to watch them, to make sure they aren't crossing any lines.
    Love seeing the birthday girl so happy. It always makes me smile to watch kids open presents (and not run from the room screaming when they see wrapping paper)

  19. Oh cake, how I love to set thee half way on the table and half way off. ARE YOU CRAZY?!
    I mean Grace Anne and I would have still eaten it off the floor but you can't serve floor-cake to your mother.

  20. Aimee, I mean anonymousApril 25, 2011 at 10:36 PM

    Hm? Your blog did not eat my comment. BigDaddy is eating his own comments.

  21. That cake better be GFCF!!

    Also, I am now looking forward to the bird turning 7. Not really.

  22. I adore that child - that would totally be R's list of favorite things too
    Happy birthday to the most beautiful adorable clever child ever

  23. I'm with Audrey on the peppermint patty, all the way.

    And I just laughed at Aimee's comment. I noticed the precariously balanced cake as well. That would have been a birthday tragedy had it landed on the floor.

  24. ...although it's not really precarious at all, upon second glance. Whew!

  25. Holy crap with the cake! Will the next one be a civil war reenactment? Our cakes are a circle with some sprinkles on top!

    And is that desk in the back your desk? Is that where the magic happens? Is that where you write sweet nothings to me?

  26. @Stimey: You are a genius.

    @BigDaddy: Really? You had to come back a second time just to deliver that nugget?

    @KarenV: On the right of the cake is some kind of pony castle that is really an actual kaleidoscope that can be used afterwards for hours of endless fun. Actually, once it was off the cake, she had no interest in it.

    @mamafog: I can barely light the candles on the cake let alone make it!

    @Aimee: Mmmmm....floor cake.

    @Aimee, I mean anonymous: You are hilarious! Please come back to my blog and make fun of Big Daddy some more!

    @DaniG: I ordered it with extra gluten.

    @noway: Considering that she was doing her happy-cake-flailing-arms dance, it might have been a wee bit precarious.

    @MommyTo2Boys: It was kind of a pony civil war reenactment with them storming the pinkie pie castle or something like that.

  27. lol extra gluten

    Gorgeous cake! Looks like the party was a hit! I was watching an old episode of "It's always sunny in philly".. they had an idea which brought back a memory.. diet coke can. Emptied. Filled with wine. WHAALAAA!!! hahaaa

  28. every time i watch an Audrey movie Brian drops what he is doing and runs to the's like he has Autism radar, not just me- he pays no attention if i am watching random youtube videos but as soon as he hears Audrey's voice he comes running...

    today he even turned from a thomas movie when he heard audrey and then he started yelling "party, party, party!"