Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pop Quiz

Tuesday was another stellar edition of the Autism WTF radio show!  Big Daddy and I had a festive and lively discussion about the children's birthday party circuit.  You will not want to miss it!

We've shortened up the program a bit, because we know how busy you all are and how difficult it is to carve out an uninterrupted hour to listen, but mostly because Big Daddy can't make it through a whole hour without having to broadcast part of the show from the crapper.

You can either listen here or by clicking on the big blue BlogTalkRadio player in my sidebar over there ==> and underneath my big fat Amazon widget that is hawking Big Daddy's newly released book (you should buy it!).

Here's a teaser/pop quiz on all of the bullshit useful information crammed into this episode:

  • What is the combined total of typical kids' birthday parties that Audrey and Griffin have been invited to?  *sniff* *sob*
  • How many different types of things can be stuffed and/or clubbed at a children's birthday party?
  • Which of us managed to work the words "cacophony" and "peccadillo" into the conversation?  [Hint:  What the hell is wrong with me?]
  • What is the origin of kids adding "Cha cha cha!" at the end of every line of "Happy Birthday"?  [Actually after researching on Google, I'm not so sure that BD's theory on this is correct.]
  • How many times did Big Daddy have to shove his kid's face into birthday cake before he learned to stop smelling them?

We'll be back at you in a couple of week's time with another scintillating cacophony of peccadilloes!


  1. Is it bad that I don't recall you saying cacophony of peccadilloes? Am I supposed to be listening when you're talking? This whole "being a good human being" thing is hard!

  2. 1) A small handful (is that exact enough)?

    2) A lot (besides the pinata) if you include barking dogs, vacuums, hair dryers, and flushing toilets.

    3) I think I only heard three. Could have been more but I couldn't hear over my mouse clicking the purchase button.

    4) You mentioned cacophony and peccadilloes. And, for the record, there's nothing wrong with you - you have a voluminous vocabulary.

    5) I can't remember the chacha origin, but does it count if I've been saying it nonstop since the airing of your program?

    6) Three. Maybe four. Doesn't he still do it on occasion when Griffin can't resist?

  3. 7.) Will I ever get my shit together and listen to the show live?

    And it's good to know I am not the only one with explosive crapping issues that prevent me from doing any activities lasting more than 45 minutes.

  4. I am so mad I missed the show, but so glad I can catch it tonight when the kids are sleeping. They never leave me alone long enough for me to listen to the show when they are awake. You have definitely piqued my curiosity. And now I have to look up peccadillo on

  5. #1- I would consider the grand total a *sob*
    #2- Build-a Bear (and the like), Pinata and BD in a play structure tube.
    #3- a bunch
    #4- Big Daddy
    #5- Some character on Bear in the Big Blue House??
    #6- IDK. Until Griffin stopped doing it.

  6. So THAT'S why you shortened the show! Yeah, Big Daddy was starting to sound a bit distressed around 37 minutes in.

  7. I'm gonna say 2,2,too many,you,BigDaddy is wrong,and and 3 or 4 hundred times. And great show :)

  8. You guys are good! You paid more attention than Big Daddy and he was on the dang show.