Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Audrey Is Going to Gymnastics Camp and I Am a Terrible Friend

So after all of my talk about having a stop-and-smell-the-roses kind of summer, we had a camp fall into our lap that I couldn't resist.  Audrey had participated in gymnastics lessons through her school over these past few months, and the same folks that ran that are having a two-week summer camp in June.

Audrey seemed to enjoy the lessons, and I thought that if I could talk Aimee into signing BFF Grace Anne up, it would not take any arm-twisting at all to get Audrey up for it.  I had a few questions though...Audrey had done the lessons during the school day and I had never been privy to what she did or what the teachers were like, etc.  So I called the contact person to get more info.

When I explained to the woman who I was, she was all "Oh, yes, OF COURSE I remember Audrey!  OHMYGOD she was SO CUTE!  We would SO LOVE her to come to this camp!  She was SO AWESOME!  We had such a GREAT TIME with her!"

That's OK Grace Anne, I still love you.
Wow.  OK.  I related this story to Aimee, in the vein of holy crap they must be really desperate to get people to sign up for this camp.  Man, she was really laying it on thick.  Cuz really, my kid's not that great.

So then Aimee called her to get some of her questions answered, and here's how that convo went down:

Aimee:  "Hi!  I had a few questions about the gymnastics camp in Downers Grove.  My daughter Grace Anne was in the Gymkhana classes through CEP.  I don't know if you remember her..."

*Expectant pause*

*Bracing for a torrent of accolades*

Camp lady (tersely):  "Yeah, I worked with her."


Oh SNAP!  I know you did not just say that.  Oh NO you di-int.  My kid is so much better than your kid! ::Inappropriate hot dog dance in the end zone::  Oh that is COLD.  Woo hoo!  My kid wins!


Dear Readers:  OK, so she didn't exactly lay it on as thick about Grace Anne as she did to Lynn about Audrey, BUT she did go on to complement Grace Anne's mad gross motor and gymnastics skillz.


Speaking of summer plans, camps, and awful friends...be sure to tune in today for Autism WTF on BlogTalkRadio when Big Daddy and I will be discussing this very topic!  Click HERE at 2:00pm ET / 1:00pm CT / 11:00am PT and turn up your computer speakers to 11!


  1. Well, you both did better than I would. I wouldn't get compliments on working with her OR any type of mad gross motor skills...ha. I would get the, hmm, what? Oh, Katie? Oh, um, I just remembered...we canceled the camp. ; )

  2. Hey, I saw Grace dance in your Disney vids. Maybe the instructors were sore that she had better moves than all of them put together! By the way, Lynn....I would pay a lot of money to see you do a victory dance like that dude.

  3. Take what you can I say. That victory dance had a little bit of "thriller" flavor. I'm going to practice it for the day my little dude learns how to whisper and follows through.

  4. All right, so my gangly, "I gotta be first in line" 9 year old is no longer the little darling that your smiley, slapstick-lovin 7 year old is. But summersaults on the HIGH BEAM! At least that's what chat-less Cathy told me on phone.

    @Jen: ha! Yes, I was just happy she said the camp was still open. Maybe I caught her off guard!

  5. Ok, now some real video is going to be required here... We must see how adorable they both are! Gym class has been heaven for my son. They will both have a blast. You two are so lucky to have found that special recipe of great kid and mom friends all in one package. Like Noonie - I too would love to see you do that victory dance Lynn! :)

  6. too funny. I am sure they would probably tell me some lie like the classes were full if i asked about my kids signing up in such a situation since my boys are like wild indians on crack.

  7. Bwaahahah, it's nice to have the rock star kid isn't it?

  8. I just can't wait to see the instructor's face when all four of you walk in--together....get a pic, please?!?

  9. Wowza, if I'm ever in a knife fight, I'm bringing you as my wing-man, deal?

  10. Audrey and Grace Ann are going to do a beautiful routine together. No doubt. And I'd buy good money, as well, to see you bust a few of those moves, Lynn. Did you see the vid w/o the music? My kids were in love. Now they're going to be watching over my shoulder every time I'm over here.

  11. You soooo do not deserve Aimee.

  12. Kudos to the losing ping-ponger and Aimee for refraining from physical violence! You crack me up Lynn!

    I thought that you'd appreciate this blog post after reading your mother's day story.

  13. Maybe it was just that Audrey was more rememberable (is that a word??) than Grace Ann. The woman may have been trying to remember who Grace Ann was. I mean Audrey does have some 'shoot from the hip' expressions!

  14. You are hilarious. I love that you admit that you (as do I) sometimes secretly do a victory dance when our kids excel at something past the point of other --- even other special needs -- kids.

    Word of warning: Billy started gymnastics last year, and now I regularly get the note "kept doing headstands and forward rolls during circle time." Insert un-smiley face here.

    I'm the terrible mother who is putting her kid into 8-4 ABA camp all summer. But I love the people running it and I think Billy will have a great time. (Great time = not in my house)

  15. Everyone remembers the girl who sings cha-cha-cha.

  16. @Grace: You are so right, as Aimee is now pointing out to me on Twitter.

    @Karla: I LOVE that site. I'm going to hide it from Audrey though.

    @Amanda: But I love the people running it and I think Billy will have a great time = Momma needs to preserve her sanity and has enough on her hands with Willow. You need to listen to today's Autism WTF...clearly we should have had you on as the "keep their scheduled packed" side of the debate.

  17. AAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! **wipes tears away** That ping pong celebration was *awesome*!! Hope the girls have a fabulous time at camp!!

  18. haha any time my kids beat anyone in anything and i mean anything i am all about bragging about it ;)

    I still love you Grace Anne....but wtg audrey lol

  19. lol - ping pong celebration was too good