Saturday, May 7, 2011

Autism WTF - Tuesday 5/10 at 2:00pm ET

The next Autism WTF show is scheduled for this Tuesday, May 10 at a little later than usual time:  2:00pm ET / 1:00pm CT / 11:00am PT.  Click here at the appointed hour to join us!

With summer break looming, we'll be talking about how our kids deal with the free time.  Is it best to keep their schedule jam-packed so as to maintain some structure to their day, or give them time to stop and smell their armpits?

Does anyone besides me remember Mac Davis?  You've got to stop and sniff your aaaaaarm piiiiiiiits...take it away, Mac...


  1. Why must you jolt me so far into the past? I'd forgotten all about Mac Davis - with Miss Piggy to boot! How do you think of these things?! (Although Mac Davis did a guest appearance on Oswald (the octopus cartoon on Nick Jr. - my how low we sink in the sunset of our careers...)

  2. Happy Mother's Day Lynn!!! <3

  3. Oh, I remember Mac! I have one of his albums!

    Is he still even alive? That's how long ago it was when I got it.

    Hope you have a nice MOther's Day!

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