Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Was a Second Rate Wilford Brimley

Check me out over at the Patch today where I reveal that I was not Big Daddy's first choice to author the introduction to his fabulous new book Big Daddy's Tales From the Lighter Side of Raising a Kid With Autism.

I know, right?  Some friend.  Hmph.

I mean, just look at that guy    ======>

What does he have that I don't?  A bushy walrus mustache?  Got it!  Lousy with back fat?  Check!

But this is just the beginning of my beefs with the publishing industry.  Click HERE to read all about it!


  1. This just proves that there's no accounting for taste with Big Daddy... and that tastelessness is apparently hereditary. I would so have had you in the top choice for my book introduction!

  2. You know, now the forward requests are gonna come flying in. All those folks being turned down by WB--now they KNOW they can come to you!

  3. You'd be my first choice. (if I ever put the DQ blizzard down long enough to write a book)

  4. Oh, is that the, "You check you blood sugar, and you check it often!!!" guy? Where he is yelling at me in the commercial even though I don't have dia-bEEt-is.

  5. Interesting insights into the publishing business, Lynn. To me, you are a phenomenal writer with just the right amount of perfectly timed humor and you tell a fabulous story (how could you not with Audrey as the subject?!)

    Clearly, all you need to do is get some massive plastic surgeries, marry a rich famous guy (you can still stay married - just engage in some polygamy) and a little banter with some other plastic wives with a camera rolling and you'll have the publishing world beating down your door for your book!!

  6. Ohhh!! So Wilford is too good to even REJECT Big Daddy himself, he had to get his wife to do it?? That guy needs to be knocked down a couple of pegs.

    And I totally would not be jealous about him being in a movie with Tom Cruise. Although I'm sure that experience would have provided him with a lot of material for his blog. . .IF HE HAD ONE!!

    See, Lynn, you got it all over this guy.

  7. Sorry, but if this is the same actor from, "The Natural", I would like to read his intro.. But in saying that, I could also see W.B writing an intro for a herb garden book all the way across to, "How To Hold A Swingers Weekend". Being an Aussie, I don't see the (sell out) commercials, so he still rates in my book..

    Big Daddy, I can see where you were heading..

    Lynn, your blog is the only blog I read, so I would be one entertained supporter that would/will buy your book..

    Just one question though that I have always found boggling, how THE HELL are you up so early in the morning to post your blogs i.e.. 5-7 am??

  8. @Karen: I'm on it! Real Housewives of Downers Grove here I come!

    @Anonymous: Woohoo...one book pre-ordered! I would love to be able to say that I use the automated posting feature on Blogger and have it set to 6:00am, but that feature never seems to work for me. Instead, I have a little alarm clock called Audrey.