Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Make No Small Decisions

I'm over at the Patch today talking about my impending fall placement decision for Audrey, and how Gwyneth Paltrow is specifically responsible for paralyzing me when it comes to making big decisions.

This is the second Patch article in which I've mentioned her.  PALTROW!!!!!!!!  She has got to stop ruining my life.

Click HERE to read all about it.  You will feel downright well-adjusted compared to me...but you already knew that.


  1. Hi Lynn! I'm too lazy to figure out how to comment at Patch, so I'll do it here.

    Just wanted to let you know I always love your writing, and that you have such a wonderful way with words and a sharp sense of humor that I adore. Also, I went to U of I under similar conditions...I liked it, I got in, and a friend of mine was going. What a simpleton I was back then! (and now..?) I ended up getting a great education and really having a sort of life-defining experience there (not to get too mushy or anything) AND I also met my husband. So that worked out pretty well for not putting too much thought into it.

    I hope your decision with Audrey's schooling is as painless as possible. Best of luck to you, and her.

    And I loved the "Sliding Doors" references. Those were back in the days when Gwyneth wasn't so unbearable, and had a great haircut.


  2. The Daniel Burnham reference...as an art history teacher, I like that too. High fives to you, Lynn.

  3. Having made these life-changing decisions all by myself (in regards to The Boy's education), I know how hard it can be.

    I assume you've visited the other schools and got a feel for them.

    What does Audrey want to do? Not that she gets the final vote, but her adjustment will probably go easier if she sees this as her idea.

    The Boy's current school had him attend for half a day to see how he fit in - we both found that very helpful. It was the first self-contained environment that didn't make me feel a bit sick to my stomach.

    He's doing very well there, and is looking forward to summer school (a sentence I never thought I'd ever type).

  4. @Becky: Boy we both really had the Illini fire in the belly. HA. Looks like University of Illinois! Risky Business yo! It worked out really well for me too...you don't even want to know what my second choices were. Suffice to say, I would definitely be in a much different place today. You get extra credit for recognizing the title reference...will only Chicagoans get that?

    @JFC: I should probably try to explain the options to Audrey, but because she is so averse to change she would probably want to stay where she is...which I think she's really ready to move on from. But I probably should expose her to the other two options somehow.

  5. @Becky: Also? Thanks for your support and kind words! Also? Gwyneth really has gotten unbearable hasn't she?

  6. Hi Lynn,

    Another fellow Illini here. Also love the "Sliding Door" reference. Your life also has a bit of "Before Sunrise" in it... ever seen it?

    Before our son started kindergarten, they suggested that he come in for the last 3-4 days of the previous school year (in June) and sit in on the kindergarten class. They thought it might help ease the transition in fall. We thought it was an innovative idea, though it is hard to say how much it helped.

  7. I hope that guy you didn't meet and almost married, got his comeuppance. The Steelers are going to be lucky to have Audrey. And, now I have a reason to watch football!

  8. I'm off to read patch and I too have problems commenting over there.....so I may be back to comment on the article.

  9. Read the article and I agree. I tend to think and rethink all decisions that are made concerning Joey. Should he be in the IEP classroom or should he be in the 'big' classroom. (IEP room has 6 IEP kids and 6 typical kids. BIG classroom as 12 typical kids and 6 IEP kids)

    Then I think about kindergarten which will be not this fall but next fall......and should I send him to a private school or stay with the school district......

  10. Can't wait to hear all about the new school year, and how Audrey adjusts.

  11. I got a movie reference! Sweet! You totally just made my day. :)

  12. Okay, Sliding Doors is one of my favorite movies, (I just had to say that).

    Here's my best advice (not that it's necessarily good, but it's what I've got). If you are changing her placement, find out if there is a way back if you change your mind later and get the team to agree on and put in writing how you will evaluate whether the new placement is still appropriate on a regular basis.

    I know one of our local autism schools does the transition back to the district very slowly, like one day a week for as long as needed and then increasing until the student is back in their home district.

  13. You were totally brilliant today! You know that right? My fave (ok ONE of my faves) line "I wish I could stake out some middle ground between the analysis paralysis of today and the don’t-give-a-crap-edness of yore"

    Aaaaand my google acct is jacked up. No, it isn't anonymous! It's Kristy @ www.darnneardomestic.com :)

  14. I too was uprooted at age 9 to a different school in the suburbs and no- my parents did not pick out the new school - they moved me in the middle of the school year from one place to the other - Freak out!! I made it out ok too, sort of, after the years of shock wore off...

    I am looking to you to make this decision so I can have a frame of reference! I have to pick between private kindergarten somewhere near where I work (and I have yet to look for one) or public NT school where we live which means my law career is completely extinguished... I don't know what to do. So, hurry up! My kid can't play for the Steelers - it's too far from home. :)

  15. I've never been to Chicago, so I have absolutely nothing to add here.