Monday, June 13, 2011

Techolalia: A Technology Echo Chamber

My "friend" Big Daddy received this text from me a while back:

"I am having lunch with Mrs. Big Daddy."

His reply:  "Huh?"

For once his confusion was understandable, as I live precisely 1,362 miles away, he knew where his wife was at that moment, and he knew it wasn't with me.

The message was texted to him by Audrey from my iPhone.  I've well-documented Audrey's love of texting, but she's been on a bit of a hiatus lately.  Her texting has always been a pretty accurate reflection of her communication skills in general -- pronoun confusion, ignoring questions that are asked of her, and (usually inaccurate) school/family gossip.

And now we can add echolalia to the list.  Big Daddy couldn't figure out why Audrey would be texting him that she was having lunch with the Mrs, but I recognized the line as something that he had texted me months ago.

Yesterday I was texting my friend Aimee, telling her about the appropriate attire for Audrey's piano recital which she and her daughter/Audrey's BFF were attending.  I told her to tell Grace Anne to wear a dress and not her summer uniform of a tank top, shorts, and crocs.  Aimee texted me back:  "Done and done."

Later Audrey was texting with Aimee, and Aimee was telling her how they were coming to the recital and she couldn't wait to see her play and have dinner afterwards.  And Audrey texted back "Done and done!"  The exclamation mark was an extra little flourish that made it all her own.

Yep, she's got a bad case of the latest franken-word which I guess could also cover the Japanese accent that she's acquiring from playing Cooking Mama on her DSi for 6 hours a day.


  1. "techolalia" -- that's a good one! This makes me so glad that Little Miss has not figured out how to unlock out phones!!!

    By the way, is Audrey free for lunch today?

  2. Now it looks like you have a lunch date!

  3. Huh?

    And why is "friend" in quotation marks?

  4. Sometimes it is difficult to tell who I am exchanging texts with over there! Especially since you both complain a lot about not getting cake.

  5. I hope my kid never learns to unlock my phone and text. But just in case he does, can you give me Big Daddy's number??

  6. Now THAT's a great new word for the dictionary. I love it!

  7. Texting your echolalia - I like it! Techolalia sounds like fun. Now Audrey will have something to do in the backyard over the summer. You do have unlimited texting don't you?

  8. Definitely a great word! I like the way it sounds...

  9. I am actually just hopeful we get to the point where my boys can read. Drilling with letters is not going well. Ted knows the alphabet for the most part, but he just guesses in things most times - which makes me bat shit crazy. AJ is so fricking egocentric, he thinks every letter is "AJ." Bring on the techoloalia!