Tuesday, June 14, 2011

That's the Spirit!

I'm over at the Patch today, talking about Audrey's last week of school before summer break.

It was, of course, Spirit Week, with each day featuring a funtastic theme.  So click HERE to head on over and see how the week broke down for us.

We had spirit, yes we did, we had spirit, and now it's...rid?


  1. I'm pouting because I think Team Food should over rule anything else!! We almost had it for dinner last night too! I agree about the PJ's! Drives me nuts!

  2. @BWMFA: I was hoping you'd read today...you are probably the only reader that knows the joys of Merichka's. It's a good thing I don't live closer...don't know how you don't eat there 7 days/wk.

  3. I like Mommy Spirit Week - sounds much better! I hate when you have to pull the romper out of your butt every 10 steps. That's no fun at all. ;)

  4. I never participate in spirit week and I work at a school. They keep renewing my contract, so no worries, right?

  5. Even for typical kids Field Days can be a challenge. My niece's school has gone through some major budget cuts this year - typical, right? Well, they had Field Day and you could tell that the budget was gone and the teachers were hella desperate. And maybe a little vindictive...

    Actual Field Day games at Lame Ass Elementary School:
    * Shoe Kick - kids slipped their shoes half way off and proceeded to find out who could kick their shoes the farthest. Yeah. I am totally serious. This was a game. Oddly enough a number of kids ended up getting a shoe in the face. So did the dumbass teachers.
    * Half-Assed Tug-O-War: kids paired up and were given half of a cut-in-half hula-hoop. Tugging ensued. Invariably some little ass hole would let go and the other kid would go flying backwards.
    * Bar Comp: how many times an uncoordinated little kindergardener could spin around a bar before either falling off or hurting their crotch.

    Seriously. Happy Field Day, kiddies.

  6. @Karen: I'm taking suggestions for theme days during Mommy Spirit Week :)

    @DeeAnn: You mean it's optional???

    @Kelly: Awesome! I'm totally going to use those actual games in a post where I spoof Field Day...that really sounds like an SNL skit. I'm going to get Audrey in training for the shoe kick like yesterday.

  7. Lynn: I forgot to mention the running. They had all these kids run, as fast as they could, DOWN a big ass hill. Unsurprising, many children fell and were ran over.

    In all seriousness, SNL couldn't have done a better spoof than this. WTF were the adults thinking?!

  8. The last time my son had pajama day, we ended up in the ER because he took a serious knock to the head and hurt his neck. So there I am, in the ER waiting room with a bunch of questionable people, at 2 in the afternoon, with a visibly bruised and crooked kid in his pajamas. Don't know how I got out of there without clearance from a social worker.