Monday, July 11, 2011

The Return of Autexting

So I just figured out that you can take a screen shot on the iPhone and it files right into your camera roll.  Duh.  I've only had the phone for two years.  

I've written several posts in the past about Audrey's texting habit (for instance THIS ONE) and each time I've taken my phone outside and "posed" it in just the right light to get a clear picture of the screen with my digital camera.  Dumb ass.

If you knew about this functionality and neglected to tell me after reading one of those artless posts, you will not want to admit it to me.  Grrrrr.

Anyway, after some time away from it, Audrey is back to texting in full force.  She has stock opening lines for each of handful friends that are her most frequent textees:

My friend Yasmin:  Are Adam and Zain at the movies?
We went to the movies with them like two and a half years ago.

Her BFF therapist Lauren:  Do you want to do RRRF?
A game they made up...stands for Run, Run, Run, Fall.  Duh.

My friend Aimee:  Do you want to go to school or camp?
Something Aimee asked her at one point.  She wants to go to neither.

Big Daddy: How is Griffin and how is Lil Sis?
This one is just too functional to be Audrey's handiwork.  I have to admit that I fed it to her the first time to get her unstuck from her previous line, I am having lunch with Mrs. Big Daddy.

Now that I know how to take beautiful screen shots, I think every one of my posts will include them from now on.  Audrey's lines are in green.

Oy.  Back to the lunch thing.  Unless she's trying to hint to BD that he should take a long position on lunch with his wife.  I did not mean for that to sound as dirty as it did.

Something other than RRRF, but obviously a script of something someone said to her when they realized they were talking to Audrey instead of me...which happens quite often.  No idea about the special diet, but I like that she demands a certain response.  Does it still qualify as an "audio stim" if it's in writing?

Sometimes people can't tell if it's me or Audrey, but as Raven says, the pronouns
usually give her away.  I hope you will get pronouns someday.


  1. hahahaa very cute! Tommy used to do this a LOT!! He used to text people at my husbands work.. asking them to take him to California please. Anyone he could get to answer him, he'd stalk for days (or until we realized what was going on). So of course, we got him his own phone. He calls Sony a lot. He likes to ask them for a 3D TV. We still haven't had one arrive yet. Maybe soon?

  2. The audio-stim via text had me completely cracking up! I swear--Audrey and Tink have GOT to meet someday!

  3. The curse words are usually a dead giveaway it's you.

  4. Hmmm - Audrey is pretty smart. She's almost able to fool your friends... Soon she will be able to text the school and ditch class! Watch out mama! :)

  5. I love that Big Daddy asks Audrey for financial advice.

  6. She's getting really good at this. Soon she will have completely stolen your identity, and you will be in a large pit in the basement.

  7. hysterical.

    Owen texts his Daddy all the time. 'Cause he can't hear on the phone.

    The content of the texts always revolve around farting or comparing Daddy's butt to that of a monkey.

  8. Er, uh, I didn't know you could take a screen shot either, so thank you. This now triples my blog posting ideas:) THANK GOD the pronouns give them away right?

  9. Those are hysterical!! She is better at finagling those smart phones than I am - I bet Audrey knew you could take a screen shot!! After "washing" the cell phone one too many times my six year old niece is forbidden to touch any cellphones in the house until she hits puberty. :)

  10. The last time I let my kid touch my phone was when she was 18 mos old, and I gave it to her in one of those desperate moments to buy time. She only had it about 2 minutes when suddenly it started ringing like crazy. People from all over the US ringing in. I didn't know what had happened until my friend with me said, "I just got a text from you that says, 'Call me as soon as you get this.'" So somehow she'd unlocked it, gotten into the templates and sent one to everyone in my address book. I didn't even know there were templates!

  11. BDA's response to Audrey was hilarious!

    How do you get that screen shot? That's cool!

  12. Man, I love Audrey's texts. I also will never teach my boys how to text. I'm afraid of what they might say. You should see them Skype.

  13. @kridors: I didn't know about that functionality either...Audrey has not discovered it I'm afraid.

    I should have mentioned how to take the screen shot so we can all see what's on YOUR iPhones. This is iPhone specific: you press the big round select button at the button at the same time as the on/off button on the top of the phone. You will hear a sound like it makes when it takes a picture and the pic will be in your camera roll.

    I'm obsessed with it now. Sometimes Audrey will text someone or write a Note and delete it, so now I can snap pics as soon as I see it and not have to worry if she deletes it later. Then've got both blog material and a scrapbook page right there!

  14. Ha, that's so cute!! (lol @ BD's response & Flannery's comment) I think it would be fun to get a few text from Audrey. And well done for figuring out the screen shot thing. I have a really basic phone and even have trouble with that!

  15. I never thought about the possibilities of Billy learning to text one day! My address book better prepare for endless facts about Saturn and who in our family has pooped recently.

    Honestly, though, Audrey's command of the iPhone and her ability to type astound me!

    I think it's a sign of a "spectrum Mama" that I can totally understand and follow these conversations.

    And thanks VERY much for explaining that I could screen shot my iPhone. Had no idea.