Monday, August 22, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

Check out my latest article on the Patch in which I discuss the summer of my discontent and decide that it's really the rest of the world that needs a social story to help them calm the eff down.

Click HERE to check it out!


  1. If i was ever to get a tattoo these pics would be perfect l
    Lol another great article Lynn

  2. When I used to drive near morons who wanted nothing but to cause injuries or death to me and my family, I'd say, "Look, kids! Maybe someday, we can have an important job like that person, and drive like an asshole, too!"

    I had a neighbor, during The Boy's first bout with mania, beat on our door at 5am and scream in his face, "Why don't you shut the eff up, you crazy little effer!" Like he could control it - hell, even I couldn't get him to stop.

    Good times.

  3. Hi Lynn, we've have quite a few Autism Army moms using MyAutismTeam and we were wondering if you'd be willing to check out the site and give us feedback on it. Given your experience in Silicon Valley (we're based in San Francisco) we look forward to hearing your unique perspective having been in the tech space+army mom+autism mom. -- Mary

  4. Very entertaining Patch post, Lynn! Keeping calm can only be done collectively, I'm afraid. And what is very clear is that the whole world is NOT calm these days! You might want to check out my Monday rerun entitled "Quit Your Honking!" In addition to the venting you'll appreciate, I give a really helpful hint re what to do when someone is tailing you!

  5. Lynn, the person who said you are the best writer on the Patch is RIGHT! (Not that I read the rest of the DG Patch-I live in Chicago, for goodness sakes, but I KNOW you are!) You are such a great writer. Hope your health issues are resolved soon, too...I have some of my own going on here, and it's no picnic to have something else to worry about on top of the bazillion other items on the list. BOOOOOOO!