Thursday, August 18, 2011

Words with Friends

It's time for another installment of Audrey's famous texts with my friends.  In this case, it's with Aimee, the mother of her BFF Grace Anne.  Although in Audrey's defense, I think she thinks that she's texting Grace Anne herself.  Maybe because their contact information is saved under "Grace Anne".  Audrey's texts are in green.


Audrey recounts how her class got to have a pizza party because they did a good job on their tornado drill.

Aimee makes fun of her grammar.

Audrey doesn't realize that she's being mocked.

Aimee uses school-approved terminology (see this post).

Audrey has no idea why she's using a hash tag.

Aimee never tires of hearing Audrey talk smack about Grace Anne's nemesis.

That's the stuff.

Hipster jargon for "I agree".

Audrey scripting back Aimee's response when she last told her that Ryan is annoying.


Audrey proves that she earned that compliment.

And I got my phone back.



  1. hahaha...she's got that sarcasm thing figured out (even if she doesn't know it)

  2. She may want to be careful with the hash tag on My Pleasure. That is the name of an 'adult' store where I used to live in Alabama :)

  3. When my son was six, he used my credit card and called an 800 number and ordered Christmas presents...he wasn't sure how to spell our street, but he knew that 'Exp.' meant expiration date.

    You might wanna watch the mail for Minnie Mouse merchandise she wants to berate.

  4. Actually, I think she's mocking ME. I'm posing as a 9 year old while texting a 7 year old and that would have been the most interesting conversation I'd had all day.

  5. I love it! Perhaps you could unconfuse your poor child by putting the contact information under Aimee, but then again that would spoil the fun of these great text conversations! The automatic praise - a hangover from ABA? It is awesome that she is able to gossip and side with her best friend over the ickiness of a boy!

  6. lmao I love Audrey's texts

  7. funny. Love the hashtag in a text thing.

  8. Will someone please explain hashtag to me?

  9. @Rebecca: Hash tags are a Twitter thing. They allow you to tag your tweets so that they are searchable/categorized by whatever the tag is. For instance, I use #autism or #specialneeds when I tweet a link to a new post and then anyone who searches on that or is streaming that tag will see it regardless of whether they follow me or not. They then evolved into a more jokey thing like #fail or #kidding any free form thing that is meant to be kind of a snide commentary on what you just said. Here is a good explanation with examples....

  10. this just made my day, thanks. i wish I could get texts from audrey!

  11. All the social media junk runneth together. I'm hashtagging on Facebook, liking while texting, and commenting, get it.

    Nice hashtag comeback from Audrey though, smart cookie!

  12. Audrey is hella funny!! She's a bucketfiller and a hipster at the same time.

    My kid refuses to learn to read, but if he could text, it would probably just be "guess what?.....chickenbutt!!!" over and over and over again.

  13. The text posts are always awesome. Audrey is a great little texter, isn't she? Is texter a word?

  14. This may be the most endearing Audrey post yet! I love it. :)

  15. I love this conversation! My favorite is Audrey's "Ha...So true!"