Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Angel Is a Centerfold

If you happen to subscribe to Parents magazine and have received your October issue in the mail, please go get it right now.  I'll wait.

*wishing for donut*

You're back!  Now turn to page 161.  Hi-hi!  Check it's me and Audrey!

Within a larger article about autism, is our little story, which I had submitted to their blog back in April for a series during Autism Awareness Month.

I don't subscribe to Parents and had a helluva time finding someplace that carried it.  The only store I found that carries it around here is Barnes and Noble, and even they only get 3 copies a month.

On the off chance that you feel it's really not worth your while to chase down a hard copy -- which BTW puts you in the company of my mother, siblings, and, well, everyone else that I know -- here is a link to the story on their website.

Or you could just wait and read a dog-eared, coffee-stained, puked-on copy at your pediatrician's office 8 months from now.  Which is about the only circumstance under which I've ever flipped through a Parents magazine prior to this.

Don't worry...success and fame have not gone to Audrey's head yet.  When I showed her the article, she said "Epcot!" because that's where the photo was taken.

She's become quite enamored of the issue, but not because we are in it.  She's taken to fanning out the multiple copies that I purchased on the couch and staring at them.  Then she'll obsessively flip through them, but the page with our photo and article does appear to be even in her top 10 favorite pages.

We seem to be running far behind pages picturing cotton candy (pages 3 and 147), birthday cake (pages 21 and 212), ice cream cones (page 128), and various ads for Milky Way, Nestle's Tollhouse, frozen pizza, Dove chocolate, and Reddi-Wip.

Hopefully this will lead to bigger and better thing for, you know...the cover of Cupcake magazine!


  1. Beautiful job on your article! Yeah!

  2. Haha! Like mother like daughter (wishing for a donut!) I get the feeling that someone is obsessing in your house but it's not Audrey! Congrats again, mommy!! And it's okay to let it go to your head - this does not happen every day... :)

  3. Awesome, Lynn! Great article, and I love the photo of the two of you.

  4. SWEET! I've already told all my friends and family that you, a bonified celebrity and autism expert replied to a comment that I left on a previous blog once and they were dutifully awed by the one degree of separation represented by the "@Jim".


  5. That's awesome! I give you a virtual high five! Because I'm a dork like that.

  6. That's awesome! If you're like me, you bought all the copies at B&N and then went in search of more. From one blogger in a magazine to another.

  7. AWWWW!!!!! CONGRATS!!! Who knew all the B'ing & C'ing back then about their lack of Autism coverage would go so far?!? You rocked it! Now I'm off to checkout the link.

  8. Thanks everyone!

    @Jim: Well, a week ago I would have scoffed at the labels "celebrity" and "autism expert", but now that I'm practically on the cover of a national magazine, I will allow it.

    @Amanda: I'm working my way through all of the B&N's in Chicagoland. Which were you in?

    @Lizbeth: Thanks for not forgetting about the B-ing and C-ing...I guessing that Parents magazine did or they wouldn't have used me for this story.

  9. Congratulations! Off to go read :)

  10. you're awesome. and famous.

    I knew you first.

  11. Yesssssssss! So awesome, Lynn! You're not too famous to take time to come up with a clever title for your post here too-tossing a little J Geils into an already good thing!

    I actually get Parents magazine-someone bought it for us as a gift, and it just won't stop coming, regardless of the fact that I don't pay for it. I can't wait for this month's copy, so I can tear out the article by my favorite celebrity blogger!

  12. You are a rock star. Kudos. Seriously. Way to fight the good fight, Momma.

  13. Awesome!! You succeeded in gaining the attention of a mainstream magazine and having your voice heard - that's a pretty big deal!! You and Audrey make quite a team!!

  14. How cool!! You two are totally famous!

  15. um, picture of audrey pretty damn cute. and high five lady. you deserve any and all notoriety (the good kind). xo, s

  16. OMG Lynne, that's great!! Keep at it. Now I need to go read it.

    If you don't recognize my new addy this is what AMR has morphed into.

  17. I actually had it sitting on my bench by the door! There are a lot of ways to get it free, so don't worry--many families all over the US will see your wonderful Epcot picture! I guess they decided to pay attention to the masses after the April debacle. So glad you got to represent the masses! :)