Monday, September 26, 2011

A Book of Revelations

Psst.  Guess what? I've got a book out. Well, I shouldn't say "I", as "I" only wrote approximately 1.1% of it.

You see, my friend Big Daddy and I gathered together 48 of our closest bloggy friends, and put together a compilation of never-before-published essays.

I will let the Amazon description speak for itself..."These parents cover the gamut of experiences -- from initially receiving the diagnosis for their child and reconsidering their expectations for the future to learning how to let go of children as young adults – as well as an emotional spectrum from sadness and loss, to the frustrations of assimilating not-so-typical children into the typical world, to the joy of living amongst their often hilarious quirks and obsessions."

Man, that is one awesome description. Seriously, who wrote that?

I really want to list all of the contributors and link you to all of their awesome blogs, but I realize that a list of 48 blogs can get unwieldy. I will try to break it up by revealing some fun facts about the process of putting this compilation together.

And if you don't see one of your favorite bloggers listed here, it doesn't mean that they weren't invited to participate. Some people were just way too lame busy to participate. Really, I could go on about those people but I really shouldn't embarrass them any further.

You  really learn a lot about people with a project like this. Who doesn't know that that little squiggly red line under a word is trying to tell them something. Who can't copy html code onto their blog.  Who are the overachievers who give you 10 different things to choose from, and who always needs just a few more days to finish.

Here's our first dirty dozen bloggers. Remember in school how you would do all of your reading assignments and write all of your term papers during the first week of the semester as soon as you got the syllabus? Me neither. But one of these bloggers is that person, and was the first to turn in her essay on the very same day that the invitation to participate was sent out:
And So It Goes...
Four Plus an Angel
Yeah. Good Times.
The A-Word
Pancakes Gone Awry

Try Defying Gravity
Apples and Autobots
Living Life, With a Side of Autism

Many Hats Mommy
Floortime Lite Mama
Anybody Want a Peanut?
Stinker Babies

One of these hilarious bloggers did not know that anyone actually used the email address posted on her blog, or that there was such a thing as direct messaging on Twitter, or that you should probably check your email more than once a quarter:
Special Happens
One Autism Mom's Notes
Living and Learning on the Spectrum
Life as the Mother of 4
Fickle Feline
The Crack and the Light
Life with a Severely Disabled Child
Life Is a Spectrum
Hanabi Boy
Spectrummy Mummy

Two of these bloggers broke the no-profanity clause of our contract, and stop looking for Jillsmo because she is somehow not on this list:
Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles
Butler Way
Unplanned Trip to Holland
A Sugar and Spice Life
Our Life With Diego
a moon, worn as if it had been a shell
Autism Rocks
Seven Yuckmouths and Autism
Both Sides of the Coin
Butterfly Moments

Some people suffer from a little-known malady that causes complete paralysis above the neck and excruciating brain flatulence when it comes to providing a title for their work. At least two of these bloggers are in the grips of this horrifying disease:
Four Sea Stars
This Side of Typical
Little Bit Quirky
Confessions From HouseholdSix
Teen Autism
Going Insane, Wanna Come?
Autism From the Lighter Side
Not a Real Princess (Except to my Boys)
The Story of C...
Raising Butterfly
Living With Logan
Mommy to Two Boys

There were bound to be a few typos that went uncaught. I do need to mention one unfortunate one that I just noticed. My friend Meredith from And So It Goes... has a rather lengthy url for her blog that includes a dash -- In the book, the dash appears as an underscore and will therefore not take you to her blog if you type it in as it appears. So just use these links here and give her a big hi-dee-ho!

Finally and most importantly, click HERE and go buy the dang book already! And if you find anymore typos, keep it to yourself.


  1. Thanks for the shout out and publishing this great book!

  2. Thanks for putting me in the correct list! hahahahaaa People usually judge my book by its cover (i LOOK totally together, things in order, organized) however you.. YOU, know the truth. I live among endless brain-farts.

  3. I was one of the lame ones who didn't submit. I look forward to reading all of the stuff the non-lame folks did!

  4. You're late to this party. A couple of the bloggers on your list broke the news a week or so ago. But I'll say "Congratulations!" to you too!


  5. Congratulations, and I love the list categories!

  6. "Some People"?? Wow, I've never been called something so nice before.

    I promise to get my shit together for the next round!!!!

  7. There was a no profanity clause?

    How did I not break the no profanity clause? But Karen DID break it?

    Is this bizarro world?


    That's better :)

  8. Such a great project. Can't wait to read this.


  9. Just for the record I am not an overachiever. I take my role as being mediocre very seriously.

  10. You know, no profanity is almost as hard as coming up with a title. Just so everyone knows, Lynn is a slave driver.

  11. How did Jillsmo not break the profanity clause? She swears while breathing I think.
    So glad to be included in the book, can't wait to read everyone's stories.

  12. How could Jill think I would not break the profanity clause?

  13. My friend was reading my story and said "Hahahaha nice typo"...yeah I smacked him. I hadn't even noticed...what a douchebag.

    Anywho, love the book- and everyone around me that's bought it loves it too! Great idea Lynn and can't wait for volume 2.

  14. This is great! Thanks again for including me. I'm so honored. I ordered a bunch of copies, but they haven't come yet. My family doesn't realize that every single one of them is getting a copy for Christmas. And I will be quizzing them later to make sure they actually read the thing.

  15. Sigh. I can honestly say one of my great regrets is not at least submitting an essay. Life got in the way or some other lame excuse. I am, however, buying it and am hoping for a second chance in round two. PS Congrats, seriously...this was an awesome idea.

  16. Hey Lynn! Thanks for sending traffic to my blog, in a 'throw me under the bus' sort of way. I really appreciate it. :)

  17. My copy arrived! I can't wait to read what you wrote, Lynn, and all your blogger friends, too!

  18. I hope it wasnt a crime to buy it from B&N not amazon. It was cheaper, and I am always cheap.

  19. @JFC: I spared you the shame, but I bet it feels good to come clean. I will be hounding you any minute for vol 2.

    @JimW: It was all part of a systematic and painstakingly planned marketing rollout. Also it took me 2 weeks to copy everyone's blog links.

    @Amanda: You're lucky I don't make you title your comment.

    @Heather: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Man, that sucks. I can't believe I missed that. It's all Big Daddy's fault.

    @Amy: You have lived a full and wonderful life if that's your biggest regret. You will not getting out of vol 2.

    @DeeAnn: Hee.

    @Mindi: Can't wait to see what you think!

    @MegsK: Not a crime at all...didn't even know it was on B&N!

  20. Well now I feel kind of sad. And lame. I mean busy. I can't wait to read this book!

  21. Oh Thank Fuck!!
    I have been absolutely hopeless at blogging for the skin crawling sensation of people reading it.
    I don't care if people read it, that is fine. I just don't want to feel them mouth breathing down my neck as I write.
    So you did good Lynn!!
    Cheers sheila :)

  22. If you put out another book like this, I want to be involved! Congrats! Stumbling upon this and reviewing highly!

  23. Hmmm... did I not title my essay? hmmmm... somehow I'm in a brain fog...

  24. Congratulations! I'm posting a link to your book in an article next week I'm writing for Babble's Toddler Times!

  25. HEE! I am a rule breaker!!! Thank you for letting me say SHIT in mine. At least I asked before I submitted.

    Seriously, thank you for including me! Very honored to be honored and a part of this BOOK!!