Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Snark Goes a Long Way

Today in my latest Patch article, I discuss the Culture of Snark and how the internet, blogosphere, and social media contribute to it.  

Not that I would know anything about this.  I clearly do not approve of such base forms of humor.  *Sniff*

Click here to check it out!


  1. Hmm, i'm SOOO on board the snark express. I'll have to check it out.

    Or whatever. It's probably lame.

  2. hahaha too funny! I just posted about being sarcastic myself.

    I am guilty of the 'foot in mouth' occasionally. Then I apologize. Then I do it again. Then I apologize. Meh, keeps me busy lol

    To me, being sarcastic keeps me from crying. I laugh instead.

  3. Is that chick in the picture rolling her eyes, or is she having a seizure? I can't tell.

    Your Downers Grove Christmas tree post was some of your finest work. May it live in infamy.

  4. Totally OT, but some of yours terms in the Patch article reminded me of this...a teacher at my younger sister's jr. high was relieved of his duties for administering a "Texas Tornado" to a student. Just another variation of the slang term you used several times in the article. Our family got a lot of laughs out of that poor man's lack of judgement/poor decision making skills. Which might mean my family has a similar sense of humor to your family.

  5. Go Go Go Go...that is me just encouraging you!