Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old Mother Hubbardoba

I was over forty when I had Audrey.  I know, right?  OLD.  
Click HERE to read my take on the 
pros and cons of north-of-forty motherhood.


  1. soooo close to reading glasses. In the morning, when I wake, there's a curious sense of. . . what the. . . why can't I focus? I blink and yawn and squint until things seem a little clearer and then tell myself I must have gotten something in my eye while I slept. . . every night.

  2. My eye doctor, who was a friend of mine, offered me a "mild bifocal" five years ago. I declined. And he is no longer my friend.

    There is no one in the entire world I would drink turnips for. Not even my son. You are a much better mom than I am. Or perhaps you just have a less finely developed gag reflex.

  3. Love the article! I emailed Bolingbrook Patch and told them we need your column on our patch!

  4. I love this. I am looking forward to imagining every classmate I've ever disliked on a tour bus in Holland.