Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Freaking In a Winter Disney-land

Our trip to Disneyworld was mostly blissful...until the very last day when I momentarily lost track of Audrey at a water park.

You know the drill: heart-racing, cold-sweating, sheer terror as you imagine the worst that could happen.

Obviously the story has a happy ending or I would be under court under not to write about it. Click HERE to read all about it on the Patch.


  1. Three Things:
    1. This is very surprising considering, whenever I've seen her, Audrey doesn't really ever seem to wander away.
    2. Maybe her choice as Aimee as her new mom should be given a little thought and consideration before being dimsissed out of hand.
    3. You do know that there were four other special people who joined you on your Florida adventure who have not gotten a mention in any of your many public forums. Not a peep. Sob.

    1. I'm getting there. I plan on stretching coverage of this trip until I can repost my Top 10 Halloween Pet Peeves.

  2. Actually, I did in fact lose one of my kids. We lost Grace Anne in a RainForest Cafe when the joint was packed. Found her like 10 min later,(seemed much longer),no thanks to the family of idiots who were 12 inches from her the entire time.
    Let me ask you....If you saw a 5 year old girl scaling a fake wall of coral on the outside of an aquarium you and family were eating right next to would you....
    A. Maybe alert your server?
    B. Attempt to interact with said child, at least so that she wouldn't end up face down on your dessert?
    C. Just stare at her and continue stuffing your lava-cake-hole?

    1. Definitely C. I loves me some lava cake.

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